Anthony In The News

Long Beach Tree Replanting Program a Huge Success

"Removing and replacing thousands of trees in less than two years is an incredible accomplishment," said City Council Vice President Anthony Eramo. "The fact that almost all of these new trees survived is truly amazing, and it clearly demonstrates the value of competent leadership from our dedicated and knowledgeable City workforce, and the expertise of our partners. Clearly, our Tree Replanting Master Plan was successfully implemented." (June 22, 2016)


Long Beach gets $300,000 grant to attract tourists for winter visits to the waterfront city

"It all helps keep our businesses thriving," Long Beach City Councilman Anthony Eramo said. "We're a pretty small, isolated city, and the residents themselves can't keep all the shops in business. Bringing visitors to town in the off season helps keep taxes down." (September 1, 2015 Newsday)


Local Officials Announce Support for Paid Family Leave

“FMLA from the federal government was a good start, but in reality, New Yorkers cannot afford to take time off unpaid," Long Beach City Councilman Anthony Eramo said. "A great bill would protect all working New Yorkers by paying two-thirds of their weekly wage, for up to 12 weeks. I’m very proud to stand unanimous with the entire Long Beach City Council in support of paid family leave." (March 29, 2016, Long Island Patch)


1,000 Sign Petition Against Port Ambrose Pipeline

 “Our energy choices matter,” said Councilman Anthony Eramo. “The time has come for a robust investment in conservation and our renewable energy infrastructure, that will create the permanent green jobs our economy needs.” (March 1, 2015, Long Island Patch)


Anthony Eramo gets Working Families backing in Assembly race

“Anthony Eramo has proven himself a tireless champion for working families on the South Shore and throughout New York State, and we couldn’t be more excited to endorse his campaign for state Assembly so that he can continue that work,” said Working Families Party State Director Bill Lipton.” (June 7, 2016, Newsday)


Long Beach will be home to PrideFest in 2017

“For over a quarter century, Long Island Pride has been bringing people together from all over Nassau and Suffolk Counties, and next year Long Beach is lucky to host what is sure to be a great event,” City Council vice president Anthony Eramo said. (June 9, 2016, Newsday)


Long Beach City Council Passes Ordinance to Cut Red Tape

“Under the previous zoning code, a variance was needed to build staircases which would delay projects a month or two, according to Councilman Anthony Eramo.

“This will streamline projects for folks so that they can get home that much quicker,” he said.” (February 23, 2016, Long Beach Patch)


Supporting a ban on single-use plastic bags

 “We wanted to build some public support for banning the bag,” City Council Vice President Anthony Eramo said. “Although it seems like a no-brainer, it’s actually more complicated than most people think — you can’t just ban plastic bags, so we’ll probably go after single-use bags.” (April 7, 2016, Long Island Herald)


$37 Million Contracted for Long Beach Dune Project Awarded

“Once completed, for the first time in this City's history, our community will finally have an engineered beach to help defend against flooding, an enormous step forward in our mission to rebuild a stronger, smarter and safer Long Beach." (March 30, 2016 Long Beach Patch)Type your paragraph here.