Anthony On The Issues

​​Standing up for our schools: Anthony is a proud product of Long Island public schools, and a public school parent. He knows that we need to keep fighting to get our schools their fair share and to end the overuse of high-stakes testing for curriculum development and teacher evaluations. The teach-to-the-test mentality in our schools—and the diversion of important classroom time for test prep—is undermining our kids’ futures and needs to end.

Anthony is proud to have been endorsed by the New York State United Teachers (NYSUT), with whom he will continue to work to give a voice to educators, children, and parents in order to reform the Common Core.
Storm Recovery and Fighting for our Environment: Superstorm Sandy devastated the south shore, putting his family and so many others in crisis. Moving forward, all of New York needs to be ready for storms of this caliber which are likely to become our new normal. We need better resiliency and recovery planning, and we need to reduce greenhouse gases and become national leaders in job creation for the growing alternative energy sector. Since his election to the Long Beach City Council, Anthony has spearheaded the movement to stop the construction of a dangerous off-shore gas terminal, replanted over two thousand Long Beach trees, and is leading the fight to ban plastic bags in Long Beach. Anthony also brought the Power Up Communities program to the city to help residents make energy-saving home improvements while providing good community jobs.

Good jobs: Long Island has lost major employers in recent years, and too many young people move away because they can’t find good jobs. Anthony has spent his life fighting against outsourcing and protecting strong, middle-class jobs. In Albany, he’ll work to get real investment in growth industries for Long Island, and sponsor legislation to ban tax breaks for all companies that move jobs overseas.

Lowering Taxes: Long Island is ground zero for New York’s property tax crisis, where middle class families are getting squeezed out because Albany is not doing its job. Anthony will work to end unfunded mandates and fight for increased school funding to provide real tax relief. Anthony has lead Long Beach’s successful efforts to return the city to fiscal solvency, even in the face of the devastation caused by Superstorm Sandy.

Ending Albany Corruption: Corruption directly costs our community money and makes government less responsive to taxpayers. Anthony will work to strip pensions from corrupt politicians, pass tough new ethics laws to prevent conflicts of interest, and close the LLC loophole that corporations use to funnel millions of dollars in donations to elected officials who do their bidding. 

​Opposing Corporate Tax Giveaways: Having fought his whole life for worker’s rights and middle-class families over corporate profits, Anthony believes that private developers should pay their fair share of taxes. In the Assembly, Anthony will continue this fight by reforming our broken IDA process — changes that are particularly needed here in Nassau County, where our IDA is one of the worst performing in the state in terms of jobs created. Anthony does not support, and has never supported, giving our tax dollars to any development.

This issue recently came to the forefront in Long Beach. Anthony stood with residents who fought hard to make the iStar development better, and ultimately won major concessions: a $4 million community host agreement for the City of Long Beach, a project labor agreement (PLA) to only employ Long Islanders, and a generous job training program so that our young people can build real careers and stay here on Long Island.